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Experimental Rheumatology offers 2 PhD positions

Project 1. “Interplay of cholesterol and oxidative stress via LOX-1 fuels the flames of synovitis driving joint destruction in osteoarthritis”

The PhD student will investigate mechanisms involved in the interplay between high cholesterol levels, the immune system and joint destruction in osteoarthritis (OA). Low grade joint inflammation is present in more than 50% of OA patients and recently it was found that high cholesterol levels contribute to macrophage activation within the synovium which coincided with upregulation of LOX1 receptor and development of joint destruction. The goal of this project which is subsidized by the Dutch Arthritis Association is to unravel mechanisms involved in synovial activation and joint pathology in osteoarthritis and develop novel therapeutic targets to combat this crippling disease.

Project 2. ”Modification of the Smad3 linker; missing link between inflammation and chondrocyte hypertrophy in osteoarthritis”

The PhD student will investigate how inflammation, an element of most osteoarthrtic joints, modulates the intracellular signaling of Transforming Growth Factor beta (TGF-beta). The TGF-beta signaling protein Smad3 is absolutely essential to keep articular chondrocytes healthy. Recently we have shown that the function of Smad3 is inhibited by inflammatory factors. It is the task of the PhD student to elucidate what is the mechanism by which inflammation leads to the altered Smad3 function in articular chondrocytes and how we can block the effect of inflammation on Smad3 to keep the cartilage in our joints healthy.


We are searching for 2 creative and enthusiastic researchers with an MSc degree in Medical Biology, Biomedical Sciences or similar, with a clear interest in understanding disease processes on a cellular and molecular biological level. Experience with molecular biological techniques, histology, culturing techniques and animal work (article 9) is an advantages. We offer an interesting temporary research position in a dynamic, multidisciplinary and international environment. The work will mainly be performed in the department of Rheumatology in Nijmegen.


The research-group of Experimental Rheumatology, Department of Rheumatology, in Nijmegen has gained a worldwide reputation in pathogenetic and translational rheumatology research. The research is embedded in the theme “Inflammatory Diseases” of the Radboudumc and part of the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciencs (RIMLS).

Working at Radboudumc
Radboudumc aims to be at the forefront of the development of innovative, sustainable and affordable healthcare. Our mission is ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’. We believe we can achieve that by providing excellent quality, participatory and personalized healthcare, operational excellence and by working together in sustainable networks.

To realize our mission, we are searching for colleagues who want to take on this challenge with us; employees who are excellent in their field of expertise and give it their all by pushing boundaries and providing ‘that little bit more’. At Radboudumc, you gain the confidence, receive and take responsibility to successfully make these changes for the best patient care and the best future of healthcare.

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Conditions of employment
• Employment will initially be for one year, and can be extended after a positive evaluation
• Salary is € 2244 gross per month in the first year up to a maximum of € 2874 gross per month in the last fourth year, plus additional vacation bonus (8% per year) and end of year payments (8.3% per year).

Information and application
Applicants should send a letter of intent outlining special interest in the position, overall related qualifications, experience and career goals, a curriculum vitae and names and addresses of professional references.

Candidates interested in project 1 can contact peter.vanlent@radboudumc.nl, Tel: +31(024)- 3610512/3616540 for more information. They are invited to reply before the November 18, using the APPLY button below. Please address your application to dr. Peter van Lent.

Candidates interested in project 2 van contact peter.vanderkraan@radboudumc.nl; Tel: +31(024)- 3616568. They are invited to reply before the November 18 using the APPLY button below. Please address your application to Dr. Peter van der Kraan.